So, I was 200 pounds for about a minute!  LOL!  I had hoped all this week that it was leftovers from Saturday.  See, we decided (pretty much on a whim) to take a 2 hour round trip to buy some computer parts.  See, we (through osmosis, since it’s really my husband) are building a computer and looking at towers on a computer screen doesn’t compare to being able to touch it.  So, we took off … at 1 pm on a 100+ degree day (with no air conditioning) without thinking.  We bought our legal crack (1 Rockstar each) and didn’t stop for anything.  30 minutes into the drive, my lips were already chapped.  As soon as we got there (Fry’s Electronics, what heaven looks like to computer geeks), I downed a small bottle of water and that was the last bit of liquid I had until we got home.  Since then, I’ve been averaging 132 ounces of water per day (and actually enjoying it) trying to make up for that awful mistake.  AND since that day I’ve been gaining a pound a day (well, it feels like it).
I did my normal weight workout on Monday, was sore and feeling awful so did nothing on Tuesday, then Wednesday’s workout I pushed myself.  I actually managed to increase the weight (as in add actual weights to the barbell) on all but two of the exercises!  I felt great and very proud of myself!  Then, yesterday was a bust.  I went in for my blood work (in preparation for my return trip to the doctor next week).  I swear, getting poked and prodded by an inept phlebotomist should be considered cardio!  She ended up taking the blood out of the top of my hand (first time in my life).  I think it’s time to find a different lab (the last time a different woman popped my vein).  Then, I had to go get my prescription for my test strips.
By the time I got to the pharmacy, I was starving!  I figured I would just grab an Atkins bar to tide me over.  Then, I looked at the carbs.  23!  I’ve been averaging 20 for an entire day!  I couldn’t believe it.  So, beef jerky to the rescue (yes, I grabbed the bag and started eating while waiting for my prescription).  Only 3 grams of carbs!  Once my shaking stopped I was a happy camper!  Once I got home, I gave up on exercising (I know I could have but I was in a particularly stubborn mood).
Anyway, my stats page has been updated. I’ve also added my blood sugar numbers since I began this journey again (last month).  As you can see, they have improved immensely.  As for my measurements, I’ve actually lost a little more since last week (an inch off my upper belly roll and half an inch on my thigh)!  I’m so excited about that!  One more thing!  My double chin is almost completely gone!  I see so much more change than I (obviously) can measure.  Thank you for sharing this journey with me!  OH!  I’ve added two links to the left side of my page: 1) My Fitness Pal profile, and 2) My Fitocracy profile.  I really didn’t like how My Fitness Pal adds more calories I can eat for every second of cardio I do.

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