Yesterday morning, it was beautiful.  I got up, wanted to eat before exercising (I wasn’t sore so I wanted to make-up for my lack of anything on Thursday) but everything sounded disgusting (blood sugars were fine).  So, I exercise.  We decided to take a drive (2 hour round trip) to get some major computer parts (we’re building one), so I quickly eat something, buy my legal crack (Sugar-free Rockstar) and we’re off.  We didn’t take any water (we can get something when we get there) but dear Lord!  It was 100 degrees and dry!  Within 30 minutes, my lips were chapping.  I downed a bottle of water when we got there, waited until we were almost home to get anything else to drink, then, when we got home it was time to fix dinner.  I was going to “cheat” (have Dennison’s no bean chili) so I quickly checked my blood sugar.  OMG!  It was 55!  Never, even when on meds, has my blood sugar been so low!  The strange thing is, it didn’t “feel” low.  No shakes, no weakness … nothing until after I started eating.  A few bites in, my head felt fuzzy and I had a hard time focusing.  What an idiot I was!  I am up 2 pounds (thanks to dehydration) and now I’m beating myself up.  Thankfully, we don’t usually leave our cave so I’ll have plenty of time to prepare for our next road trip but today I’ll chock up to a lesson learned (and the perfect example of what NOT to do)!

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