Well, I have hit the big 200 mark!  That translates into an 11 pound loss since August 10th! I’ve lost a little on my measurements (from last week) and if you look at my thigh measurement, don’t jump up and down.  I didn’t realize I should have been measuring half way between my knee and my hip (instead of the thickest part of my thigh, which is at the top.  We’ll see if THAT shows a difference next week (since I can actually see the fat separating from the muscle instead of one solid chunk of flesh).
I’m still struggling with adjusting my food intake (protein vs. fat vs. carbs) but I think I’m pretty much there.  My blood sugars went a little higher over the past two days (two days ago it averaged 100 between morning fast and after dinner) and last night my after dinner BS reading was 124!  This morning? 89!  According to My Fitness Pal, I was 29 calories above my goal, ate 19 carbs, was 10 over on my fats and 31 under for my protein even though I had three scoops of protein powder yesterday (at least I still got in 169 grams).  Now, I need to figure out how to up my protein without feeling like a bloated pig by the end of the day!  LOL!
As for food, we had the Burmese Pork Curry and I love it. Hubby? Not so much.  He can’t pinpoint why (though it may have a little to do with the fact that I didn’t even realize the recipe didn’t call for any salt until I served it OR he just might not be a curry person).  I’m going to try the Spicy Chicken Masala Curry Recipe and if he doesn’t like that one either, then I’ll know it’s curry (I refuse to make separate foods just for me.  Either he likes it too or I make something else).  I know it took me a long time to “force” myself to like anything curry because I was not accustomed to the flavor.  Heck, I grew up on Chef Boyardee pizza and fake Mexican food.  The only time I had anything different was when a neighbor would give us some dolmades they had made from the grape leaves they harvested from my grandma’s property.  I think that’s why I’m always searching for something new to try (though my current basics are so dull).  Heck, on an episode of Bizarre Foods when he was in Indonesia and he had fried tarantula.  As soon as he said it tasted like crab, I was in!  I want to try it (I miss seafood so much).  Of course, I would probably do better if it’s already made because I would end up doing the spider dance if I had to deal with them alive!
Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’m off to eat so I can do my girly-man weight training (took yesterday off completely … pathetically out of shape so I was SORE from Wednesday’s weight training).

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