It’s funny.  I’ve been fretting, moaning, and groaning all week because I weighed 207 pounds most of the week.  I hopped on the scale this morning and lost two pounds just to realize now, I’m exactly the same as I was last week!  LOL!  Anyway, I have updated my stats.
My blood sugar numbers have been all over the place (all within normal parameters) but with no extra carb intake, it’s been a little disturbing.  So, I’ve been reading (I’m in the process of reading The Ketogenic Diet).  I can’t give any opinion on the book yet, since I just started reading it about an hour ago.  I think (just think … have yet to test it out) that I am actually eating too much protein!  I never thought that excess protein could be converted into glucose for fuel.  So, I need to eat more fat?  How the heck do I do that without trying to eat spoonfuls of coconut oil or butter (doesn’t that just sound nasty?).  It’s not like I’ve lowered my fat intake by doing Atkins again (heck, lately my favorite fat for frying is lard) but … ~sigh~.  I don’t expect answers from you or really anyone else.  I’ll keep reading then test out this theory and let you know (probably next week).  But a quick search just now sent me to  One more website to add to my home page!  I will read everything I can get my hands on first.
As for exercise, I’ve discovered that it’s not good to use the Ab Doer BEFORE doing my Tae Bo!  Man, did it irritate my hips!  That’s all for now.  Happy Friday (and holiday weekend) to everyone!

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