I have not checked out the rest of this guy’s website but this article hit home. This last time I went to the doctor, he (again) recommended the South Beach Diet.  I read about it and saw so many comments about how it is nothing like Atkins (but it is).  The same goes with Paleo, when you really look at the basics of it.  When Paleo first came out, it was the Caveman diet (though I don’t see many making those comparisons).  It was “eating as our caveman ancestors did”, aka hunter/gatherers.  It WAS hardcore, only eating what grows without agricultural influence (basically, row crops).  One thing that was eliminated when Paleo came about was grains.  Wild grains had been harvested for thousands (millions?) of years, and consumed by cavemen.  Rice, wheat, and oats have grown (and still are) in the wild.  Even cultivated corn originates from a wild plant.  My point is, though I would love for the pounds to melt off my body by simply changing my eating, I need to focus on health (physical and mental) or this will happen to me again.  This is really a great article.

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