So, yesterday was a funky day.  It started good (good breakfast).  Then, when I was almost hungry, I started fixing my salad for the day and pulled out some leftover chicken taco meat to add to my salad.  I almost had the shakes by the time I tossed the meat into the microwave only to discover that it was just a little past its expiration date.  Then, I got depressed.  I knew it then (low blood sugar) but it didn’t matter.  I wanted to pout.  The salad tasted awful (not really but in my “life sucks” head it did).  It took me about 30 minutes to stop feeling sorry for myself and heat up some other leftover meat and finish my lunch.  That pretty much ruined the rest of the day.  I have always tried to NOT eat anything between lunch and dinner, just so I have an appetite.  I did that yesterday and that just compounded everything.  By the time I had dinner, I was weak, almost shaking, and had a headache.  My post meal blood sugar was good (148) so I was happy.  I slept really hard, so I thought everything would be good this morning.
Nope!  Not only did I gain 2 pounds back but my blood sugar was 147 (supposed to be between 80 and 130).  So, to Google I went and found a possible answer.  My low blood sugar (brought on by not eating enough) yesterday might have been the cause (the weight gain … I don’t know but that didn’t help my attitude this morning).  We’ve also had a slight setback.  Hubby’s health issues have come back (same thing happened the last time I was hardcore Atkins) so I’ll just fix him some rice/pasta/bread with dinner.  I will not give up on Atkins this time.  I can’t.
Anyway, here’s the article on high morning blood sugars:

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