Along with lower blood sugar numbers, this go around my body is actually reacting like most when embarking on Atkins.  I was 211 on Wednesday and weighed in this morning at 205!  My morning blood sugar is not quite normal (143) while my evening, after meal number last night was 136 (supposed to be below 180).  I’ve been experiencing a headache every day (just before dinner) but it goes away when I drink some chicken broth.  I’ve also been very tired/fatigued (no low blood sugars) so I’ve been napping every day (sleeping worse now than before).  I’m thinking it’s due to my unusual amount of dehydration.  I’m doing my best to drink more throughout the day, so we’ll see if it improves.  This past weekend has been special, regarding food.  Hubby purchased some marinated flank steak and boneless chicken thighs from this wonderful Mexican market here (they also have the best tortillas but as the weekend went by, it was easier to look at them without really wanting one).  So, I’ve been munching on some fantastic meat.  My planned staples to get me through these first few weeks is eggs, pre-made frozen hamburger patties, chicken thighs, and salad.  We found a large bag of broccoli slaw, so I’ve thrown in a little to the salads for some variety.
It’s been much easier this go around.  I think that’s because I’m not a stranger to this way of eating AND I’m not going from living off sugar/carbs to having none.  I’m telling you, it feels really good having my body react normally!  I’m weighing myself every day but I think I will only measure myself once a week.
I’ll also try to start posting more of those recipes from the various books I have (Atkins and others).  Can you tell I’m excited?  🙂

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