O.k.  We’ve pretty much got our food stocks full, so I’m ready to start posting.  Am I the only one who steps on the scale and instantly say, “Liar!”?  Sheesh.  The day after my last post, I weighed 217 pounds.  Over the past week, I got down to 212.  So, knowing I was going to post today, I just weighed myself.  217!  It’s digital and it lies!  LOL! I haven’t gotten around to measuring myself yet (can’t wait to see how many inches I’ve put on since I stopped Atkins).
So, what have we been eating?  Lots of salads.  Taco salad, cheeseburgers with salad, breakfast (either bacon and eggs or hamburger patty with eggs), pork chops and rotisserie chicken with salad, etc.
To limit my tomato use, I basically made a pico de gallo and used that sparingly.  This was great mixed in with the lettuce and celery for the salads.
For the salad dressing, I made this recipe but with 1 c. oil to 1/3 c. vinegar. I didn’t even add all the salt and it was still too much so I’ll play around with it and post my own recipe eventually.
My Achilles heel is now, and always will be, water.  I just don’t drink enough unless I’m physically exerting myself (which pretty much does not happen during the winter).  Anyway, I’m off to post some recipes I have found over the past week.  🙂

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