Me with my baby brother February 2013 (weight: 216)

Well, it looks like I (I mean we) will begin our Atkins journey anew!  We think my husband’s health issues are truly behind us and discovered it was simply an ulcer (all these years).  This entire year has been nothing but trials (mostly physical).  I’m not sure exactly what has caused it all but I’m now allergic to so much (from foods to scents to certain chemicals).  I’m even allergic to makeup!  I don’t know exactly what in the makeup I’m allergic to, so for now I have to forgo wearing any.  The only moisturizer I can currently use is straight coconut oil (I could probably use others like olive oil but I have tons of coconut oil on hand, so that’s what I use).
That being said, this Winter has been especially trying.  I managed to sidestep that flu that it seems just about everyone got but I did not come out of Winter unscathed.  I got Whooping Cough (Pertussis).  It started December 1st and I’m still trying to recover from almost two months of barely being able to walk across the room.  I am able to do the dishes (no dishwasher) without becoming exhausted and now have to work very hard to not force myself to do too much (I’ve already rototilled half the back yard and still have to go back over the areas that I somehow missed).  This is a difficult time for me under “normal” circumstances because I typically have no patience with my body.  Once I can feel Spring coming on, I work long and hard out in the yard (expecting my body to immediately accommodate my drastically increased physical activity).  So, with this illness plus Spring coming on, my patience has run thin.  I broke down last night, not just because I’m exhausted all the time but because I realized, after all this time since I stopped Atkins, I have gained weight.  It isn’t a lot (5 pounds) but the fact that I gained at all has thrown me for a loop.  After waiting for my sobs to subside, my husband has decided we need to try Atkins again.  So, we will begin buying what we need, changing our focus, and go full-bore within the next few weeks (we’ve changed so much of what we purchased over the last year that we need to stock up again).
The recipes I will be sharing will lean more toward the Paleo movement that Atkins.  I’ve never cared for soy products of any kind and I have not seen one Paleo recipe with soy as an ingredient.  While I love the idea of the Paleo movement (and hopefully will have my own meat to slaughter/eat), I currently would not be able to afford to eat if I had to adhere to their strict approach.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have some fantastic recipes out there that with very little tweaking can even be Level 1 Atkins-friendly!

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