For being so quiet lately. I had to steer away from my Atkins journey. It started in October. My husband was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was full-blown Atkins (which I think is just a catch-all diagnosis for when they really don’t know what’s going on) so I began adding things back into our diet. No matter what we eat or don’t eat, he still has these horrible bouts. So, after someone mentioned gallbladder, I looked it up. I really hope that’s what it is (no gallstones, just had the sonogram) so we can get that sucker removed and I can get back onto my journey (it’s only the two of us, so it would not be feasible for me to eat separately from him)!
I have been hovering around 210, which I think is pretty dang good for eating what we have been eating. In the mean time, I found some fantastic recipes that I need to share with all of you.

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