As of this morning, I am 205.8. Within a week, I initially gained 7 pounds but have lost 2 of those. I have been more physically active than normal over the past few weeks. We are in the process of buying a house. We are supposed to physically take possession January 1st but thankfully, we are able to work on the house now before we move in. That is what I have been busy with … really busy. I have been so busy, in fact, that I have gotten back into my old habit of NOT eating until I have the shakes. Then, I grab whatever I can shovel into my mouth, which usually includes some form of carb that I should not be eating. So, I need to prepare more. I’ve been looking for some cook ahead recipes and will be posting them here.
Thanksgiving was a tough one. I threw Atkins right out the window, though what was strange is I did NOT gain anything until last week, when I decided to finish off the sugar-free cranberry sauce. That started major cravings which I have given in to (thanks to my lack of preparation). So, it looks like I will not be taking another “after” picture soon (I was planning on taking another one when I hit 200 pounds).
O.k. Off to scrape some paint (and if I’m feeling brave, crawl UNDER the house).

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