I think today is day 18.  I’m feeling a bit loopy today.  Tuesday, one of my molars started hurting.  By yesterday, it was killing me.  I have a very high tolerance for pain and the pain was so bad my eyes were just watering (I wasn’t crying, they were watering).  Anyway, once I made the appointment to have my tooth pulled, I thought, “What a great opportunity for me to figure out a way to remain low carb when you can’t chew!” The first thing I thought of was a Cream of Chicken and Zucchini soup.  I pulled some chicken stock out of the freezer, cut up some zucchini my husband’s co-worker gave us, and began boiling it.  My goal is to just blend that up (probably won’t add any cream).
Anyway, I was in so much pain over the last few days, how do you think I did?  The soup just sounded like it would hurt (and the smell made me nauseous), so I have been living off of whey protein powder.  That’s it!  LOL!  Oh, all those recipes I thought I would come up with that would be miraculous!
Thanks to my liquid diet, I am currently 199.2 pounds (I was up to 202 pounds yesterday morning).  My face is swollen, and I’m still popping pain pills (My molar was pulled at about 3:30 PM yesterday).  More protein powder this morning (Oh, it has zero carbohydrates), taking my vitamins so I don’t collapse, my antibiotics (thanks to the tooth being abscess) and my Vicodin.  I’ll try my soup later today.  Here’s to hoping you can come up with other alternatives BEFORE you have to deal with this!

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