Well, I weighed myself this morning. 201.2! I was 207 on Day 1 (A-Day). I’ve been experimenting with when to eat my salad. I’ve found I feel much better when eating them in the morning (just one) with whatever leftover meat from dinner. Lately, they have been steak salads but man! Now I know what cuts not to buy! See, I chose the first batch of steaks. I don’t remember what they were but, cooking them like we normally do, even medium rare, they were like shoe leather. The ones hubby chose yesterday? Like butter! OMG, they were just so good! Rib Eyes are the way to go!
I haven’t decided whether I will continue with this drastic cut in carbohydrates for another week or start introducing my 5 grams of carbs per day. I have tomatoes still producing, just froze 2 pounds of bell peppers, and can almost taste mushrooms. We’ll see how it goes.
Last night I had the funniest dream. I dreamt I was eating a big plate of spaghetti. After two or three bites, I got mad at myself. I told myself, “You could have cooked up a hamburger patty and served the sauce over that!” That was all in my dream! LOL! The only time I have had a rough time this week was when we walked into the grocery store and they had just pulled out some French bread out of the oven. Good Lord, fresh bread smells good! 🙂
I received my copy of “Dr. Atkins’ Diet Cookbook” yesterday, so I’m tearing through it. I will be posting level 1 recipes but I think I’ll also be adding some recipes that include the higher carbohydrate veggies, since some of the recipes just look so good! Time to re-adjust my categories! 🙂

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