Monday, September 12, 2011 was day one of my new/old Atkins journey.  It wasn’t too bad, except for a headache and not being as prepared food-wise as I had hoped.  So, what fantastic meals did I have, you ask? Well, I dined on the finest hamburger patties for breakfast (with cheese), the same thing for lunch, and the same thing for dinner! Isn’t that just about the most exciting menu you have seen? Here I sit, with about 40 different recipes (that are all level one Atkins-friendly) and that’s all I can manage to eat.
Tuesday went a little better. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, a ham and Swiss cheese “roll-up” for lunch, then a chicken taco salad for dinner. That was good! I crumbled a few Hot and Spicy Baken-ets pork rinds over the top and it was great! What made this a taco salad was chicken meat spiced with taco seasoning. It was a good, well-rounded Atkins day.
That brings me to today (Wednesday). I thought I was doing awesome! I finally saw some movement on the KetoStix! So, for breakfast I had some more bacon and eggs. Then my mom and I went out to lunch. I thought I did wonderful! I didn’t even touch the chips, salsa, guacamole, nor flour tortillas! I ordered chili verde a la carte (no beans nor rice). After being home for two hours, I check my ketone levels. They dropped! I can’t believe the tomatillo sauce would pull me out if ketosis but it sure did! Thankfully, my levels are the same as they were this morning!  Next time, I’ll just have a wonderful breakfast. I can control that better!

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