Last night’s dinner was fantastic, thanks to my wonderful husband.  He saw how distraught I was about the carne asada’s effect on my ketosis.  So, we had fried chicken!  All you do is heat a deep fat fryer, drop the chicken pieces in the hot oil (no breading or spices), fry until the pieces float, remove from oil and season with salt and pepper.  It’s quick, easy, and oh, so tasty!  The skin gets so crispy while the meat remains juicy.  This is a wonderful way to quickly cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts also (I don’t care for white meat but cooked this way, I can eat it all day).
Monday, I weighed 206.4.  Tuesday, I weighed 207 even.  Wednesday, I was still 207.  First this morning, I hopped on the scale. 204.8!   I also tested my ketosis level and I’m now in moderate ketosis!  I am so excited!
My plans for today are uploading some recipes and working out what my meals will be today. Hopefully my copy of Dr. Atkins Diet Cookbook (published in 1975) will arrive today. Yesterday was a bust when it came to taking my vitamins, so that will be remedied today.
O.k.  Off to eat breakfast, water the plants, and plan my meals for the day!

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