I rarely shop at Orchard Supply Hardware but since they recently closed the closest Ace Hardware (and there are no other hardwares in my area of town) I decided to go across town. Boy, am I happy I did! Not only do they have organic potting soil but a few herbs I have not seen at any other local store (I bought rue, Stevia, and Clary Sage plants). But what I am excited about is kitchen gadgets!

This is similar to the nut chopper I have been using.

It was my granmother’s but after its last use, I had to pick teeth out of the walnuts. So, I’m walking through Orchard Supply and look at what I find:


Then I started actually paying attention to what was on the shelves. I was impressed with the manual kitchen aids they were selling. This is going to be my next purchase, since I haven’t had one of these since I lived with my grandma:


Here’s the company’s website. http://progressiveintl.com/ Check out what they make and where you can purchase, though I just noticed that Orchard Supply Hardware isn’t listed (but Sears is). I’m excited, though my husband may not be when he sees the list I’m making up!


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